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Bravecto Spot On Gato 500mg 6,5-12,5kg 1pipeta

Bravecto Spot On Gato 500mg 6.5-12.5kg 1pipeta

Eliminate fleas and ticks for 3 months with just 1 pipette.

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Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription. (974 Items)
Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription. (974 Items)
✓ Medicinal product subject to veterinary prescription.
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Bravecto it is indicated for cats with, or at risk for, mixed parasitic infestations by ticks or fleas and ear mites.

Active substance: fluralaner

Target species: Cats

For the treatment of tick and flea infestations in cats providing immediate and persistent elimination of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and ticks (Ixodes ricinus) for 12 weeks. Fleas and ticks must contact the host and start feeding in order to be exposed to the active substance.

The veterinary medicinal product can be used as part of the treatment strategy for flea allergic dermatitis (DAPP).

For the treatment of ear mite infestations (Otodectes cynotis).

Posology and method of administration:

The veterinary medicinal product is available in three pipette sizes.

Cat weight (kg): Pipette size to be administered

1,2 - 2,8: Bravecto 112,5mg spot-on solution for small cats

> 2.8 - 6.25: Bravecto 250mg spot-on solution for medium sized cats

> 6.25 - 12.5: Bravecto 500mg spot-on solution for large cats

Within each weight range, the contents of an entire pipette should be administered. For cats over 12.5 kg, use a combination of two pipettes that most closely match body weight.

Method of administration:

Step 1: Immediately before administration, open the sachet and remove the pipette. Put on gloves.

Step 2: The cat should be standing or lying with its back horizontally for easier application. Place the tip of the pipette vertically at the base of the cat's skull.

Step 3: Carefully press the pipette and apply the entire contents directly to the cat's skin. The veterinary medicinal product should be applied to cats up to 6.25 kg of body weight at one point at the base of the skull and at two points at the base of the skull in cats with more than 6.25 kg of body weight.

Because it is a veterinary medicinal product subject to medical prescription, we request to send it to the email: [email protected]