Fagolitos Plus 30 saquetas

Fagolites Plus 30 sachets

Food supplement for the natural control of kidney stones.

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Fagolites Plus® is a food supplement for the natural control of kidney stones, as it helps to reduce the risk of the appearance of crystals of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate in the urine.

O Fagolites Plus® is a continuous release granulate: it releases hydroxycitric acid, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin A for 24 hours for total patient protection.


  • 2069.92 mg hydroxycitric acid (Garcinia Cambogia extract)
  • 200 mg of magnesium
  • 25 mg of vitamin B6
  • 10 mg of zinc
  • 800 µg of vitamin A

Fagolites Plus contributes to the reduction of endogenous oxalate production, reduction of oxalate absorption from the diet, inhibition of the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, inhibition of the growth of calcium oxalate stones and promotion of the dissolution of calcium oxalate stones.

Directions for use:

In patients with previous episodes of calcium oxalate lithiasis, without the current presence of stones: 1 sachet per day.

In patients with calcium oxalate stones currently present: 2 sachets per day (1 morning + 1 night).

put the contents of a sachet directly in your mouth and swallow the granules with the help of a glass of water. It can also be dispersed in yogurt or jam.