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Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe

The special teether that helps awaken all your baby's senses.

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Sophie La Girafe is a very special toy for your baby, which will help awaken all his senses. Thanks to him, the child soothes his gums sore from the teeth to be born. It is made of 100 rubber% natural from Hevea, using more than 14 manual processes in its production. It will delight children and adults!


  • Is a unique toy that stimulates baby's 5 senses.
  • Eyesight: Babies in their first few months have somewhat limited vision. They can only differentiate strong color contrasts, so Sophie's dark spots distributed throughout the toy will help to stimulate your vision. Thanks to this, the child can quickly recognize the toy and feel comforted when seeing an object that is familiar to him.
  • Hearing: Sophie beeps through the built-in whistle. This stimulates your hearing and helps you understand the cause-effect relationship that occurs when you squeeze it.
  • Taste: The teether has a very soft and chewy texture. Children use it when they need to soothe their gums from the discomfort caused by the teething process. Sophie is flexible and has different soft parts to chew on, such as paws, ears or horns. Furthermore, thanks to its manufacture with 100 rubber% natural Hevea and paint suitable for food products, your baby will be safe when chewing this product.
  • Touch: The rubber texture 100% natural is extremely comforting for the child, as it is reminiscent of the smoothness of the mother's skin. This also improves the physiological and emotional responses felt by the child and promotes their well-being and healthy growth. Thanks to Sophie's light touch and size, your baby can hold the giraffe with their own hands. The long legs and neck make it easy to handle.
  • Smell: The unique rubber scent of the Hevea brasiliensis tree helps your child to identify the Giraffe Sophie among the rest of their toys.
  • Indicated from 0 months onwards. Do not sterilize. We recommend cleaning the surface of this toy with soap and water on a damp cloth.