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Enzycal 1450 75ml
Enzycal 1450 75ml

Curaprox Enzycal 1450 75ml

Cleans without damaging the oral mucosa and protects it through its enzymatic action.

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Fresh and smooth flavor. 1450 ppm of fluorine in the form of sodium fluoride. Double protection against cavities thanks to sodium fluoride and the lactoperoxidase system, a system that enhances the naturally protective effect of saliva. Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (LSS), avoiding irritations at the level of the oral mucosa.

Enzycal 1450 contains the lactoperoxidase system. This system consists of 3 enzymes naturally present in saliva - a physiological fluid that has the ability to protect and repair tooth enamel.

Enzyme 1 = Amyloglucosidase: transforms polyglycans (starch in the bacterial plaque matrix) into glucose.

Enzyme 2 = Glucose oxidase: catalyzes the oxidation reaction of glucose to gluconate, competing for glucose with the bacteria present in the plaque, reducing its spread.

Enzyme 3 = Lactoperoxidase with thiocyanate: the hydrogen peroxide released during the glucose oxidation reaction reacts with the thiocyanate to form the hypocyanate - an antibacterial substance that naturally exists in saliva.

Enzycal 1450 paste is not very abrasive for enamel (RDA = 60), being within safe limits. The use of toothpaste with an RDA greater than 90 should be avoided.

Directions for use:

Use daily, 2 to 3 times a day, to brush your teeth. Apply on the dry toothbrush and brush. Rinse with water.