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FisioVen BioGel 100g
FisioVen BioGel 100g

FisioVen BioGel 100g

Specialist in the well-being of the legs.

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FisioVen bioGel is a cosmetic formula that meets the strict quality standards established by the regulation of Biological Cosmetics.

The effectiveness of this product is due to the functional synergy of lyophilized extracts of holly and horse chestnut with hydroalcoholic extracts of Red vine and Asian spark that, dissolved in aqueous solution of Alteia mucilages, ensure a high concentration of functional substances. For this reason, FisioVen bioGel provides toning and elasticity to the epidermis and reduces the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs, mainly at the end of the day.

The choice of formulating the gel based on Irish Moss extract, a red alga known as carrageenan, with natural gelling action, allows the elimination of the usual gelling products derived from petroleum and obtaining a gel that, forming an imperceptible film, keeps on throughout the day, the properties of the functional substances present.
The formula is completed by the essential oil of mint of refreshing action.

Directions for use:

Apply a sufficient amount of gel by pressing the respective airless applicator and massage lightly with direct movements from bottom to top on the affected skin area.

Two applications per day are recommended, preferably in the morning and evening.
It is preferable to wash the area with fresh water first.
The airless applicator keeps product characteristics and quality unchanged over time and allows for more practical application and dosing.