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LetiAT4 Hidrogel Anti-Prurido 50ml
LetiAT4 Hidrogel Anti-Prurido 50ml

LetiAT4 Anti-Itch Hydrogel 50ml

Hydrogel for immediate relief from itching and soothing skin irritation of atopic skin.

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LetiAT4 Anti-Itch Hydrogel is the first 100 product% specific to soothe and relieve itchy atopic skin.


  • Immediate relief from itching.
  • Soothes irritation.
  • With SOS Rescue Complex, a complex of natural origin specially developed to act on the specific mechanisms of pruritus in atopic skin.
  • Effect lasting 6 hours from the first application.
  • Clinically proven efficacy.
  • Ultra-light hydrating texture and a feeling of immediate freshness.
  • Indications: Itchy atopic skin; itching throughout the year: summer (sun, chlorine and sand), autumn (stress), winter (cold and humidity) and spring (pollen and other allergens).
  • Without perfume.
  • For all the family.

Directions for use:

Apply a thin layer whenever necessary. Gently massage the skin.