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BABE Soothing SOS Spray 125ml

Body spray with anti-drip application that soothes, relieves and protects irritated or atopic skin.

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BABE Spray SOS Soothing its content in oils, soothing actives, prebiotics and probiotics, restore the skin barrier and maintain hydration and elasticity of irritated or atopic skin. Its innovative anti-drip application technology allows the product to be sprayed onto the skin, creating a film without the need to rub the affected area.


  • Immediate comfort thanks to soothing actives.
  • Restores the skin's barrier function, preventing water loss and skin dryness.
  • It rebalances the microbiome thanks to its contribution of pre and probiotics.
  • Innovative texture that allows the product to be sprayed without dripping, sticking to the skin as if it were a second skin.
  • Neutralizes the itching.

Usage advice:

Spray on clean skin in the affected area at a minimum distance of 20 cm. If necessary, extend and let dry.