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Palomacare Vaginal Gel 6 cannulas x5ml

Palomacare Vaginal Gel 6 cannulas x5ml

Medical device indicated for situations of vaginal dryness.

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Palomacare Vaginal Gel is a moisturizing and repairing gel of the vaginal mucosa that stimulates the re-balance of the microbiota, improving vaginal health.


  • Indications: vaginal dryness (caused by menopause, post-menstruation, use of hormonal contraceptives, radio and chemotherapy, etc.); unspecific vaginitis and cervicitis, vulvitis, protection from external aggressions (intimate waxing, etc.).
  • Easy application with single use cannula.
  • Non-hormonal, fragrance-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, pH = 5 (slightly acid, adapted to the internal genital area).
  • Lubricating action, favors sexual intercourse.
  • Compatible with condoms.

Directions for use:

Apply once a day or every other day, as needed.