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Isdin Woman Higiene Íntima 200ml
Isdin Woman Higiene Íntima 200ml

Isdin Woman Intimate Hygiene 200ml

Helps prevent and protect against external microbiological aggressions and irritations.

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Isdin Woman Intimate Hygiene is an intimate hygiene gel for daily use.


  • Gentle intimate care gel, used daily, which neutralizes odors, relieves itching and helps prevent external microbiological aggressions. With pH 5.5.
  • Neutralizes odors and relieves itching thanks to odor neutralizing technology.
  • Protects against external microbiological aggressions thanks to the Bioecolia prebiotic.
  • Respects the pH and strengthens the vaginal flora.
  • Moisturizes and helps prevent vaginal dryness thanks to its formulation with betaine.
  • Especially indicated for infectious and / or inflammatory states of the vulvar and vaginal area and during the menstrual cycle or after sexual intercourse.

Directions for use:

Apply daily on the area to be cleaned previously moistened and rinse thoroughly.