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Martiderm Skin Repair SPF30 Arnika Gel 50ml

Indicated in the prevention and treatment of post-intervention epidermal changes.

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Martiderm Skin Repair SPF30 Arnika Gel helps fight blemishes and bruises and protect against the sun's rays.


  • Stimulates the skin's natural regeneration.
  • Activates circulation and reduces inflammation.
  • Nourishes and improves skin elasticity.
  • Reduces blemishes caused by bruises and scars.
  • Evens out the complexion. Prevents the formation of stains.
  • Provides high sun protection (SPF30).
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, with lesions and redness.

Usage advice:

Apply a thin layer of gel on the areas to be treated and massage until completely absorbed. Apply 2 times a day.