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L Mesitran Soft Gel 50gr.

L Mesitran Soft Gel 50gr.

Indicated for the treatment of wounds and burns, promotes faster healing and reduces the size of the scar.

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L-Mesitran Soft Gel contains 40% grade honey, clinical grade hypoallergenic lanolin (Medilan®), vtamin C and E.

It is a hydroactive formula, when it comes in contact with the wounds, fluids are drained from the surrounding tissues, creating a moist environment favorable to wound healing. Contains important antimicrobial properties for healing.

It is indicated for sensitive people, in cases of chronic wounds, pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, cancer wounds, acute infected wounds, surgical wounds, traumatic and caused by laser and burns (1st and 2nd degree).

No contraindications are known. Patients with hypersensitivity to any component should not use the product.

Directions for use

Apply directly to the clean wound or burn, in a thin layer. Make the dressing with a non-woven compress.
You can change the dressing once a day or every 2-3 days.

Once opened, the packaging must be used within three months.