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Advancis Passival Relax 30comprimidos
Advancis Passival Relax 30comprimidos

Advancis Passival Relax 30 tablets

Soothing action, peaceful nights and days without anxiety.

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Advancis Passival Relax is a food supplement that contains traditionally recognized plants, such as valerian, passionflower, catmint, hops and orange.


  • The plant extracts present in Advancis Passival Relax act synergistically, providing calmer days, which can be reflected in the increase in quality of life.
  • Indications: Generalized anxiety, restless sleep, insomnia, feeling tired upon waking.

Directions for use:

2 tablets at breakfast and 2 tablets at night. Depending on the needs, the doses can be adjusted, not exceeding 6 tablets per day.