Epitact Foot Pads S (36-38) 1 pair

Epitact Foot Pads S (36-38) 1 pair

Relief of pain in the forefoot.

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Epitact Foot Pads recommended for the relief of pain in the forefoot caused by calluses and overheated areas. Discreet and thin, they can be used in any type of closed footwear, with socks or tights.


  • The fabric was selected for its ability to allow perspiration, combining its softness, making it very pleasant to use.
  • They are machine washable at 40°C and have a long service life of several months.
  • With age, the natural plantar padding of the foot gradually wears out, leading to severe pain and callus formation.
  • Composition: 80% silicone, 20% polyamide/elastane fabric.

Usage advice:

For greater comfort, place directly in contact with the skin on both feet. (unless there is an unprotected wound). The printed area of ​​the fabric should be in contact with the sole of the foot. Never put it upside down. Place your foot on the Plantar Pad, fitting it between the big toe and the second toe. For better conservation, wear with a leotard or socks on top. They must be wide enough to avoid compression of the feet.