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Compeed Pensos Bolhas Dedos dos Pés 8unidades

Compeed Blisters Toes Blisters 8units

Dressings with hydrocolloid technology designed to immediately relieve pain and help protect against additional friction.

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Compeed Blisters Toes Blisterss are specially designed for use on the toes and function as a second skin.


  • They immediately relieve the pain caused by the bubble.
  • They protect with a cushion effect against friction.
  • They offer a quick healing of the lesions.
  • They cover and seal the wound, providing protection against dirt and bacteria.

Directions for use:

Clean and dry your skin before use, ensuring that the blister area is free of creams and oils. Remove the paper from the top, then the one from the bottom, avoiding touching the adhesive area. Apply the dressing firmly over the blister, ensuring that it adheres correctly to the skin. Remove the dressing when it starts to peel off (note: it can remain glued for several days). To remove the dressing: do not pull it up; instead, slowly pull it parallel to the skin.