VeggieDent Fr3sh Single -5Kg 45 units

VeggieDent Fr3sh Single -5Kg 45 units

Palatable complementary food for dogs. Control the formation of tartar and dental plaque.

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Veggie Dent helps keep your breath fresh and healthy.


  • VEGGIEDENT® Chew Bars with FR3SHTM Technology help maintain fresh, healthy breath.
  • They feature an innovative Z-shape that makes it easier for your dog to grip and chew.
  • This shape, along with size and texture, helps to reduce the formation of tartar and plaque, improving dental cleanliness.
  • Individual packaging.

Directions for use:

Administer 1 VEGGIEDENT® chewable bar daily to your dog or as recommended by your veterinarian. Fresh water must be permanently available.