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Omron Estimulador Muscular Electrónico E3

Omron E3 Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Device for pain relief without the use of drugs.

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Omron E3 Electronic Muscle Stimulator is a device for pain relief without the use of drugs that integrates 6 predefined programs for the back, shoulders, joints and muscles. The device is based on clinically proven TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation) technology and is widely used by physiotherapists and pain specialists.


  • Pain relief without the use of medication.
  • It has a compact design to be used at home, at work or when traveling by plane and train. The device is intuitive and easy to use. With a large display, you can easily select a program and quickly check the remaining treatment time.
  • Personalize your treatment. Select pre-programmed zones: back, shoulders, joints, arms, legs, soles or feet and adjust the intensity level that best suits you.
  • Portable (52x112x25cm - WxHxD) and with intense effect.
  • Automatic programs for dedicated areas of the body.
  • It improves blood circulation (result of the muscular activity it causes).
  • 3 massage modes. 15 intensity levels. 15-minute treatments.
  • Washable electrodes. Long durability of the electrode plates.