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RhinoDouche Sal XL 40 sachets 5g

Medical device for preparing a washing and irrigation solution for the nose and sinuses, which reduces nasal obstruction.

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RhinoDouche Sal XL is composed of a mixture of salts with xylitol, recommended in cases of

  • Rhinitis / nasal allergy;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Nasal congestion / excess secretions;
  • Asthma;
  • Cough for post-nasal discharge;
  • Post-endonasal surgery care;
  • Nasal cleaning before using nasal sprays;
  • Inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

Eliminates mucus, facilitates breathing and reduces nasal congestion.
Each sachet produces 500 ml or 250 ml, respectively, of a buffered saline solution with an ion concentration (Cl, Na, K) similar to that present in the nasosinusal mucosa. It is slightly alkaline due to its sodium bicarbonate content to promote fluidization of the mucus.

The Rhinodouche Sal® contains xylitol, natural sugar, non-glucogenic, very hygroscopic and with softening and moisturizing properties for the mucosa, making irrigation more pleasant. Xylitol is also non-stick for bacteria and fungi, promoting its dragging to the outside, improving the wash-off effect.

The main features of Rhinodouche Sal®, are:

  • Isotonic buffer solution.
  • Inert for ciliary function.
  • Smooth and delicate for the mucosa.
  • Promotes fluidization of mucus.
  • Non-stick for bacteria and fungi.
  • Free of harmful additives to the mucosa.