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RhinoDouche Adult Nasal Irrigation System

RhinoDouche Adult Nasal Irrigation System

Nasal irrigation device, to be able to breathe freely.

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RhinoDouche Adult Nasal Irrigation is a device for nasal and sinus irrigation that reduces nasal obstruction without drugs.


  • Nasal washing facilitates breathing; decreases nasal congestion, eliminates mucus, secretions, pus and crusts; eliminates allergens, irritants, powders and bacteria and restores ciliary function.
  • Recommended for: rhinitis and nasal allergy, sinusitis, nasal congestion and phlegm, asthma and cough due to post-nasal discharge, sports practice, post-endonasal surgery care, nasal cleansing before the use of intranasal medication and nasal snoring.
  • Quick and easy to use. Portable.
  • Economical and durable. Comfortable and effective nasal adapter.
  • Manual pressure control.
  • Designed for upright use.
  • Contents: a bottle of Rhinodouche; 26 sachets of RhinoDouche Sal XL.

Directions for use:

Place the contents of a sachet of Rrinodouche Sal XL in the bottle. Fill the bottle with warm tap water. Screw on the nasal adapter cap. Tilt your head forward over the washbasin, insert the blue end into the nasal hole and press gently. Apply gentle and constant pressure to the bottle. Repeat the steps on both nasal orifices until the solution is exhausted.