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Isdin Baby Naturals Nutraisdin ZN40 Regenerating Ointment 50ml

Repair ointment with 40% of zinc oxide. Irritant diaper dermatitis.

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Isdin Baby Nutraisdin ZN40 provides high protection of the gluteal area against irritations, rashes and redness.


  • Unique formula with 40% zinc oxide, with triple action:
  • Isolates the diaper area, creating an impassable barrier with active ingredients that help prevent the growth of microorganisms and neutralize the enzymes responsible for irritating the epidermis.
  • Regenerates and moisturizes, improving redness in the gluteal and perianal area.
  • Creates a long-lasting protective layer that does not dissolve with urine thanks to its anhydrous formula.

Directions for use:

Apply at each diaper change, with clean and dry skin, covering the gluteal and genital area with a thin and homogeneous layer. If after 2-3 days there is no improvement, Nutraisdin AF should be applied.

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