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Isdin Si-Nails Nail Strengthener 2,5ml

Perfect nails in just one click. Visible results in 14 days.

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Isdin Si-Nails Nail Strengthener strengthens your nails.


  • Nail fortifier developed specifically to protect and improve the appearance of nails, giving them a natural look.
  • With cationic hyaluronic acid, it enhances the hydration of the cuticles.
  • Invisible finish and easy application.
  • Thanks to its combination of ingredients, it promotes nail growth and increases its resistance, helping to prevent breakage and favoring remineralization and restructuring.
  • Visible results in 14 days.

Directions for use:

Apply every day on clean and dry nails (without varnish) and dry. Run the damp brush across the contour of the nail and cuticle. Pass the brush with vertical movements from inside to outside, covering the entire surface of the nail. If possible, pass the brush under the nail.

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