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Vitadé 15ml

Vitadé 15ml

Food supplement with Vitamin D and DHA.

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Vitadé, food supplement with Vitamin D and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid, long chain polyunsaturated acid from the omega 3 group).


  • Vitamin D: It is a fat-soluble vitamin, essential for an adequate absorption of calcium in the intestine, which regulates cell growth.
  • All Humana products are made with selected and controlled raw materials in terms of quality and purity.
  • Ingredients: sunflower oil, algae oil rich in DHA from Schizochytrium sp; aromas; antioxidant: E 306; E 392; vitamin D3.

Directions for use:

0.5 ml (volume indicated on the pipette), once a day. It is equivalent to 400 IU of vitamin D and 20 mg of DHA. In children under 3 years of age you should consult a certified health technician. Once the bottle is opened, its contents must be consumed within the next 30 days.