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Bexident Branqueadora Colutório 500ml

Bexident Whitening Mouthwash 500ml

Daily oral hygiene in situations of alteration of tooth color.

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Bexident Whitening Mouthwash recommended for daily oral hygiene in situations of tooth color change, giving the teeth their white appearance after 7 days of daily use.


  • Thanks to Pro-Whitening Tech® technology, Bexident® Bleach provides a whitening and anti-stain action in 7 days of daily use.
  • Its remineralizing activity strengthens and protects the enamel from the first days.
  • Helps prevent tooth sensitivity associated with the use of whiteners.

Directions for use:

Fill the measuring cup to the marked line (15 ml) and rinse, without diluting, three times a day for 1 minute. Try to get the product in contact with all surfaces of the mouth, especially in interdental spaces. Do not rinse after application. Do not ingest.