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Halita Tongue Scraper

Halita Tongue Scraper

It allows to easily clean the tongue.

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Halita Tongue Scraper allows you to easily clean your tongue.


  • It has two sides, one with a wavy profile, special to adapt to the central depression of the tongue, and the other with a smooth profile, designed to clean the sides.

Usage advice:

For daily use to ensure good oral hygiene. Clean the central part of the tongue using the tongue scraper face that has the protrusion. Grasp the handle of the tongue scraper so that the protrusion is at the bottom. Stretch the tongue and place the scraper in the mouth, trying to reach the furthest part of the tongue. Press the tongue scraper against the center of the tongue, pulling it towards the front of the mouth. Rinse the scraper with water. Clean the sides of the tongue using the smooth side of the scraper. Rinse the scraper after each pass. At the end, rinse your mouth with plenty of water.