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Lactacyd Med 500ml

Lactacyd Med 500ml

Soap replacement.

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Lactacyd Med is an antiseptic that is intended for the physiological protection of the skin and comes in the form of an acidifying emulsion at pH 3.5.


  • The active ingredients of Lactacyd Med, lactic acid and whey, are exclusively biological and are therefore very well tolerated.
  • Lactacyd should be used whenever ordinary soaps are contraindicated.
  • In personal hygiene: in particular in cases of hygiene of oily scalp and with dandruff, hygiene of oily, dehydrated and sensitive skin, pruritus of any origin or skin with an acne tendency.
  • In the hygiene of the newborn or child: Recommended for the milky crust and to clean the baby's skin in the diaper area especially when it is red.
  • In gynecological hygiene: Postpartum care, vulvar itching.
  • Use in surgery: General hygiene of bedridden. Preparatory hygiene of surgery for hospital personnel.