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Gyno-Canesbalance 7 units

Gyno-Canesbalance 7 units

Vaginal gel that treats the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis .

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Gyno-Canesbalance is a vaginal gel that naturally treats the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.


  • With lactic acid, which restores vaginal pH, and glycogen, which promotes the growth of protective vaginal flora, providing effective relief from abnormal discharge and discomfort.
  • Triple Benefit: effectively eliminates bad odor and abnormal discharge; limits the growth of harmful bacteria and helps Lactobacillus to restore the vaginal flora.
  • It treats the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis without the need for antibiotics.
  • It can be used during pregnancy and menstruation.

Advice for use:

Gyno-Canesbalance is available in single-use tube applicators. Use one applicator per day. Twist and remove the applicator tip, sit or lie down in a comfortable position and gently insert the applicator cannula into the vagina as far as possible. Gently squeeze the applicator to release its contents. Keeping the tube tight with your fingers, remove it and discard it. Gyno-Canesbalance should be applied at bedtime. It may be helpful to use a sanitary napkin, as slight leakage often occurs. This does not mean that the treatment did not work.