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Interprox Mini Conical 6units

Designed for removing biofilm (dental plaque) accumulated in the interdental spaces.

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Interprox Mini Conical is designed to remove oral biofilm (dental plaque) accumulated in 1.0mm interproximal spaces, specifically in the premolar or molar area. The angle of the head facilitates access to the interdental spaces in the premolar or molar area. This specific design allows a perpendicular entry, causing no sores on the gums. The head dimensions ensure deep cleaning in interdental spaces of at least 1.0mm (PHD*= 1.0).


  • The innovative manufacture with high quality Tynex filaments allows better care of the gums, as its two-color design allows the white filaments to detect bleeding points and the black filaments to reveal the presence of oral biofilm.
  • The stainless steel wire is coated with Polyurethane (plastic material) for better protection of mucosal, dental and implant structures.
  • The brush also has a protective cap that allows you to transport it comfortably.
  • Cleans interproximal spaces and helps protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease.

Usage advice:

Insert the brush so that it is loose, so that the filaments, and not the wire, are in contact with the teeth. Move the brush from the inside to the outside, without turning it. If the wire rubs against the gum or bends, a brush with a lower PHD should be used.

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