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Scholl Gelactiv Palmilhas Botas e Botins 2unidades

Scholl Gelactiv Insoles Boots and Ankle Boots 2units

Stability and comfort in the use of boots and ankle boots.

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Scholl Gelactiv Insoles Boots and Ankle Boots is the comfort solution for the use of boots and ankle boots.


  • Can be used on boots and ankle boots.
  • Suitable for boots with heels less than 5.5 cm.
  • Suitable for sizes from 35 to 40.5.
  • Thanks to the top layer of fabric, they keep your foot warm and dry.
  • developed to improve the cushioning of your boots, throughout the day. They have GelActiv technology that offers 24 hours of comfort thanks to shock absorption and superior cushioning.
  • Designed to support the arch of the foot and additional cushioning in the forefoot area.
  • Ergonomically designed and developed in conjunction with foot care specialists, the insole remains firmly in the boot.
  • Contains a pair of insoles.

Directions for use:

The new Gel Activ insoles fit any shoe - no need to cut. Simply remove the protective film and place the insole inside the shoe.