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Neo Quitoso Plus 100 100ml

Neo Quitoso Plus 100 100ml

Solution indicated for the treatment of hair infested with lice and nits.

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Neo Quitoso Plus100 is a solution that works without developing resistance, through a physical mechanism of action (without insecticide), in the treatment of hair infested with lice and nits.


  • Complete treatment, with an adequate amount that guarantees two applications (4 applications on short hair).
  • It has a neutral pH and is particularly suitable for children due to its gentle composition, which makes combing easier.
  • By acting physically, it prevents the development of resistance.
  • No soap, preservatives and coloring agents.

Usage advice:

Apply the solution on dry hair and let it act for 20 minutes. Carefully comb through all the hair with the special metal comb to remove lice and nits, included in the package. Wash the hair with the usual shampoo or Quitoso Care. Repeat treatment 8-10 days later.