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Locetar EF 50mg / ml Varnish 2.5ml

Locetar EF 50mg / ml Varnish 2.5ml

Treatment of mycosis in the nails.

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Locetar EF 50mg / ml Varnish it is indicated for the treatment of onychomycosis caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and molds in adults.

Active substances: 50 mg amorolfine

Locetar EF is a topical antifungal. The fungistatic and fungicidal action of its active substance - amorolfine - is mainly based on the alteration of steroid biosynthesis in the fungi cell membrane. The ergosterol content is reduced and at the same time sterols foreign to the cell accumulate.

Posology and method of administration:

Locetar EF medicated nail polish should be applied to the affected fingernails or toenails once or twice a week. Usually, one application per week is sufficient. The patient should apply the medication as follows: 1 - File the affected areas of the nails (in particular the nail surface) as much as possible, using the disposable file provided. 2 - The nail surface must then be cleaned and degreased, using the alcohol pad provided in the sachets or a little cotton pad soaked in alcohol. 3, 4 - Apply the varnish to the entire affected nail surface with the spatula provided in the packaging. Clean the spatula between each passage from one nail to be treated to the other, in order to avoid contamination of the varnish. Do not clean the spatula on the edge of the bottle. 5 - Close the bottle tightly immediately after each application. 6 - The varnish should dry for approximately 3 minutes. 7- Clean the spatula with the compress (or cotton wool soaked in alcohol) previously used to clean the nails. Repeat the procedure for each affected nail. In future applications, the affected nails should be re-filed and cleaned with an alcohol swab or cotton swab to remove varnish residue. Locetar EF should be applied to the entire affected nail.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Unstable angina, recent history of myocardial infarction, clinically significant arrhythmia, and history of recent stroke. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In case of doubt or persistence of symptoms consult your doctor or pharmacist.

According to the legislation in force, medicines not subject to medical prescription in Portugal can only be delivered in the municipalities of Maia, Gondomar, Matosinhos, Porto, Santo Tirso, Trofa, Valongo and Vila do Conde. This limitation does not apply to shipments to other Member States of the European Union.