Blédina Frutapura Sachet Apple Strawberry Banana and Cherry 90g

Blédina Frutapura Sachet Apple Strawberry Banana and Cherry 90g

Pure fruit sachet for babies from 8 months.

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Frutapura Blédina Saquetas , with transparent and individual packaging, is 100% Fruit, without added sugar, in order to maintain its characteristics and natural flavor.


  • Does not contain dyes or preservatives.
  • At 12 months your baby should start to develop motor skills and eat their fruit on their own. Sachets are a good way to stimulate your baby with their usual fruit. They can also be given to your baby from 6 months with the help of a spoon.
  • Contains: Apple (41%), Strawberry (26%), Banana (25%), Cherry (5%), Beetroot (2.5%).
  • Blédina fruits are grown in exclusive orchards isolated from sources of pollution, in accordance with high quality standards, very different from those applicable to adults.
  • Frutapura Blédina sachets are a practical way of giving fruit to your baby, with each sachet corresponding to a dose of fruit.
  • Blédina recipes are carefully developed for your baby by specialists in child nutrition.

Usage advice:

Fruit ready to eat. It can be consumed cold or at room temperature. From 1 year onwards, the product can be given directly from the sachet once the capsule has been removed. Alternatively, the product can be given to babies over 6 months with a spoon.