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Systane Toalhitas Oftalmológicas 30 unidades

Systane Ophthalmic Wipes 30 units

Ophthalmic wipes for cleaning the eyelids.

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Systane Ophthalmic Wipes provide gentle daily cleaning of your eyes and removal of traces of makeup that can cause irritation. These wet wipes eliminate deposits and makeup that can cause eye irritation.

They are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and offer a calming effect, ideal for sensitive eyes.

As they are individually packaged, they can be taken and used anywhere and remain sterile until they are used.

Directions for use:

Rub the closed packaging of the wipe to develop foam, then open it.

Close your eyes and carefully clean your entire eyelid several times.

Using a new wipe, repeat the process on the other eye. Finally, wash both eyes with warm water and dry.