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Abelia Glycozoo Solução 118ml

Abelia Glycozoo Solution 118ml

Solution indicated in the treatment of otitis that goes with keratinization disorders such as seborrhea. With antimicrobial, cerumenolytic, keratolytic, lipolytic, drying, non-irritating and regenerating action for dogs, cats, exotic animals and horses.

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Abelia GlycoZoo is a water based solution for ears composed of Boric Acid and Glycolic Acid, with antimicrobial, keratolytic, keratolytic, lipolytic, drying, non-irritating and regenerating action.

Indications for use, specifying the target species:

  • Otitis treatment, particularly in those where the primary agent is Malassezia;
  • Long-term prevention of recurrent chronic otitis;
  • Coadjuvant in the treatment of complicated otitis. Due to its cerumenolytic action ABELIA GlycoZoo prepares the ear canal to maximize the effectiveness of topical treatment. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal action it also reinforces its antimicrobial action;
  • Treatment of ear pathologies with seborrhea and / or keratinization disorders;
  • Repair and protection of the auditory canal epithelium when it presents flaking or other signs of dehydration, inflammation, etc .;
  • Ears with perforated tympanic membrane (or suspected);
  • Preventive drying of the ear canal (eg swimming dogs);
  • Smelly ears.

For dogs, cats, exotic animals and horses.

Directions for use:

Treatment: Apply Abelia GlycoZoo carefully until the ear canal is filled (1 to 5 ml is required depending on the breed). Gently massage the base of the ear for a few seconds. Remove excess solution with a gauze or paper towel. Repeat every 12-24 hours. The ears must be reevaluated by the veterinarian every 7-10 days.

Maintenance / Prevention: apply 1-2 times a week.