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Lubrithal Eye Gel 10g

Lubrithal Eye Gel 10g

Gel for eye lubrication in dogs and cats.

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Gel developed for eye lubrication in dogs and cats. Helps to protect the eyes through a thin film that is spread by the blink of the eyes. Moisturizes and helps to keep the tear longer.

The pH of the product is slightly alkaline (7.4-7.9), which makes it biocompatible with the corneal epithelium and contributes to good local tolerance.

The product is slightly hypotonic (about 250 mOsm) in order to reduce any hypertonicity of the tear film, which is a frequent cause of eye discomfort.

The product is microbiologically protected by the presence of cetrimide, which has bacteriostatic action and is compatible with ocular structures.

Directions for use:

Apply 1 to 2 drops in each eye.