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Dermoscent PYOclean Oto 10 pipettes

Auricular cleaning solution for maintaining healthy ears and supporting the treatment of external otitis in dogs.

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PYO clean Oto is an antiseptic ear cleaning solution consisting of 100% of natural ingredients in order to allow an effective cleaning of the external auditory canal, while optimizing the treatment of otitis.

PYOclean Oto comes in practical single doses to ensure correct dosing for each ear and to avoid cross-contamination between them. Its "3 in 1" action allows: to clean, disinfect and calm the ear canals effectively and safely, thanks to its non-irritating formula and with physiological pH.

Directions for use:

Shake before using. Open the pipette, instill all the content in the ear canal, massage the base of the ear, finally dry the excess product. Use 1 pipette in each ear. Use as long as necessary, according to the veterinarian's advice.