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WeSkin Ear Cleaning 100ml

Ear cleaning and hygiene solution for dogs and cats.

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WeSkin Ear Cleaning is a cleaning solution for the ears of dogs and cats. With anti-inflammatory and soothing action.


  • Surfactant and emollient action to remove ear wax and debris.
  • Formulation with moisturizing, conditioning and healing effect.
  • Can be used for cleaning before applying other treatment products.
  • With a special tip for easy application and conservation.
  • Alcohol-Free and Non-Toxic.

Directions for use:

Ear cleaning solution should be used daily until earwax and/or dirt are removed from the external ear canal. Once the ear is clean, it can be used every other day and then once a week for two weeks. Regular use for cleaning the ear is recommended, which can take 7 days or more to clean. Shake before use. Rotate the applicator cap. Fill the ear with the ear cleaning solution. Gently massage the base of the ear to distribute the solution in the ear canal. Allow your pet to shake its head. Repeat if necessary.