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Panvitol 20 ampoules

Panvitol 20 ampoules

Biological tonic indicated for people with great physical and intellectual wear.

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Panvitol is a food supplement that contributes to the functioning of numerous vital functions and is indicated for people with great physical and intellectual exhaustion, in situations of weakness, physical fatigue, exhaustion or during convalescence.


  • It is intended to combat tiredness and fatigue installed in order to restore vitality.
  • This energizing tonic taken regularly allows you to enjoy more and better your cognitive function as it stimulates the brain for more complex tasks.
  • It consists of essential nutrients for the harmonious functioning of our brain, allowing it to be stimulated in certain situations (exams, tests, evaluations, times of more work).

Usage advice:

It is recommended to take 2 to 3 ampoules of panvitol biological tonic per day. It can be taken neat or diluted in water.