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SoWash Trio Irrigador Oral

SoWash Trio Oral Irrigator

Oral irrigator with an innovative system for oral hygiene that guarantees a deep cleaning of the interdental spaces.

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Sowash is a dental irrigator for oral hygiene with a fresh, powerful jet of water that guarantees interdigital cleaning; removal of subgingival plaque; deep rinsing and a healthy gingival whirlpool.


  • Suitable for all people, including patients with orthodontic appliances, implants or bridges.
  • Innovative system: No batteries required; It does not need electricity; Connects directly to the tap, and works with water pressure.
  • It is resistant to limestone, silent, with very small dimensions, environmentally friendly and allows to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water jet.
  • Equipped with a special control valve that automatically releases excess pressure from the water, ensuring a constant and ideal jet, never being dangerous for gums.
  • After 14 days of use: 70% Plate Reduction; 60% Reduction of gingival bleeding.
  • The Trio packaging allows the use of the hydro propellant in all its versatility and potential thanks to the three types of heads included: Spacer Vortex (with 3 pulsating jets converging at the same point that create a vortex effect to remove even the most resistant residues), Hydro Jet ( with a single linear jet for precise and thorough cleaning) and Vortex Brush (unites the action of the bristles with the power of the vortex effect for complete dental cleaning).

Directions for use:

Remove the filter from the tap. Place the Sowash filter holder and connect it to the tap filter holder. Not recommended for children under the age of 12, except in the presence of an adult. Do not use with water systems with pressure above 6 BAR. Do not direct the water jet under your tongue, eyes, nose, ears or other sensitive areas. Do not use in the presence of open sores on the tongue or mouth. Do not use hot or cold water.

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