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Otowel Acqua Spray Nebulizador 30ml
Otowel Acqua Spray Nebulizador 30ml

Otowel Acqua Spray Nebulizer 30ml

Elimination of water and moisture from the ear canal.

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It is a medical device that prevents infection of the ear, by quickly drying water or moisture in the ear canal.


Otowel Acqua prevents the harmful effects resulting from pain and bacterial or fungal infections. It combines its exclusive formula with a patented nebulizer spray.

It can be used after water activities such as swimming, diving, bathing, showering, etc.

The Otowel Acqua spray nebulizer formula has special physico-chemical characteristics that, when in contact with water, are activated, causing the complete evaporation of water and the elimination of moisture in the ear canal.

The micro-spray mechanism allows an ideal dispersion in the ear, with immediate results.


  • Isopropyl alcohol: when added to the water or moisture retained in the ear canal, there is a reduction in its evaporation temperature up to body temperature and, thus, the evaporation of moisture occurs within minutes.
  • Glycerin: its role is to protect the surface of the ear canal by forming a protective film that keeps the skin soft and smooth.
  • Oil of Roses: flavoring, giving the preparation a fresh smell of roses.

Directions for use:

  • Apply 1 to 2 nebulisations to the affected ear.
  • The complete evaporation of water or moisture retained in the external channel occurs about 2 to 3 minutes after nebulization.
  • If necessary, repeat the nebulization.