Ohropax Soft Tampões Ouvidos 10unidades

Ohropax Soft 10units

Foam ear plugs.

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Ohropax Soft Earplugs are earplugs in anatomical shape, made of special foam for the skin.


  • Due to their discreet skin color, they are hardly noticeable. They expand smoothly in the ear canal and develop their protective effect against noise in a pleasant and reliable way.
  • What is proven every day under the harsh demands of Safety at Work, with high noise levels, also provides you with a luxurious silence in private life. Versatile use: in the workplace, for concentrated reading, DIY and loud music.
  • Also recommended for relaxation and for an undisturbed sleep. Since the sound absorption curve is relatively linear across the frequency range, only a small change in the sensation of sound results. An advantage especially when enjoying music.