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Patta Snacks Anti-Stress Saqueta 175g
Patta Snacks Anti-Stress Saqueta 175g

Patta Snacks Anti-Stress Sachet 175g

Promotes relaxation in situations of anxiety and stress.


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Patta Anti-Stress Snacks are functional dog snacks with natural ingredients and a high degree of digestibility and palatability.


  • Dog snacks with 60% fresh meat / fish.
  • With natural extracts.
  • Gluten-free and artificial coloring.
  • Composition: Fresh meat (serrano ham meat, chicken meat and beef) 65.8%. Rice 13.10%. Vegetable glycerin 11.70%. Fish meal (50% salmon and 50% tuna) 7%. Antioxidants (citric acid, rosemary, brewer's yeast and oregano oil) 0.35%. Chamomile extract 1 %. Passionflower Extract 1%. Vitamin complex 0.05%.