Tasectan 500mg 15 capsules

Tasectan 500mg 15 capsules

Control and reduction of symptoms associated with diarrhea.

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Tasectan is a medical device used to restore the physiological functions of the intestinal walls. It is specifically formulated to control and reduce the symptoms associated with diarrhea resulting from a variety of causes such as abdominal tightness and frequent bowel movements. The product is usually effective within 12 hours.


  • It is effective and safe for use in adults, children and infants.
  • Contains a reticulated and stabilized gelatin: Tannate Gelatin . It acts mechanically by protecting the inflamed intestinal mucosa, thanks to its ability to form a protein-based protective mucoadhesive film that forms a complex with the mucoproteins responsible for local inflammation and promotes its precipitation and elimination in the stool. The gelatin tannate of which the product is composed is not altered in the stomach and acts forming a film that protects the intestinal mucosa, reducing the frequency and duration of episodes of diarrhea.
  • The product is available in capsule form for adults and as a powder for pediatric use.

Advice for use:

Adults: 1-2 capsules every 4-6 hours until symptoms resolve.