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Optifibre Flora 10 Sachets

The side-effect-free solution to reduce diarrhea.

Expiration Date: 06/2023

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OptiFibre Flora is a unique combination of probiotics and prebiotics to reduce diarrhea symptoms and naturally rebalance the intestinal flora. With only 2 ingredients: plant-based prebiotic fiber and probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. Safe for long-term use with no side effects.


  • It is a powder with a neutral flavor that integrates easily into everyday foods or beverages.
  • It shortens the duration of diarrhea, reduces stool frequency and improves stool consistency.
  • Nourishes beneficial bacteria in the gut, promoting long-term healthy gut flora.
  • Unique combination of plant-based prebiotic fiber and probiotic, free of all additives.
  • Suitable for pregnant or lactating women, the elderly and children over 3 years old.
  • No taste, no texture, no smell and very easy to integrate into your daily routine.

Directions for use:

Just dissolve a packet of toothpicks in your favorite drink or mix with your favorite food. Adults: take 1 serving daily, gradually increase to 1 serving daily if necessary. Up to a maximum of 5 daily doses. Children: take 1/2 serving per day, increasing by 1/2 serving per day as needed, up to a maximum of 3 servings per day. For children over 3 years old.