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Clearblue Digital Ultra Early Pregnancy Test

Digital Pregnancy Test.

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Clearblue Digital Ultra Early Pregnancy Test detects the pregnancy hormone, hCG, with a sensitivity of 10 mIU/ml.


  • It can be used up to 6 days before your missed period, ie 5 days before your expected period.
  • 78% of pregnancies can be detected 6 days before the day of missed menstruation, 93% of pregnancies 5 days before and 99% or more from 4 days before the missed menstruation day.

Directions for use:

Simply place the absorbent tip into your urine stream or a collected urine sample. Remove the tip of the urine when the stop light flashes (usually after about 5 seconds). The light will continue to flash and then turn off. Replace the cap and place the Digital Pregnancy Test Stick on a smooth surface. The Smart Count will appear on the display and each segment will appear in sequence to show that the test is in progress and counting down to your result. The result will be shown on the display within 1 to 5 minutes. The positive result will remain on the screen for about 1 month. The negative result will be displayed on the screen for approximately 24 hours.


During testing, never hold the test rod with the absorbent tip facing up.