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NosaProtect Champô Tripla Acção Pêssego 250ml
NosaProtect Champô Tripla Acção Pêssego 250ml

NosaProtect Triple Action Shampoo Peach 250ml

Triple action shampoo: protects, cleans and softens.

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NosaProtect Triple Action Shampoo is a preventive shampoo, which facilitates styling and smoothes hair.


  • With tea tree oil, traditionally used by Australian aborigines to protect and prevent possible lice contamination, acting as a natural barrier.
  • Thanks to its careful formula, the Nosa shampoo has a very pleasant peach aroma that completely disguises the strong and characteristic odor of tea tree oil, keeping its characteristics intact.
  • Pediatrically tested from 12 months.
  • Precautions: Do not ingest, external use, do not use in people sensitive to its components.

Directions for use:

Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse. Daily use.