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Lipoelastic MH Comfort Compressive Suit Natural Trunk XL

Women's post-operative upper body garment with three-quarter sleeves.

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Lipoelastic MH Comfort is recommended for use after arm surgery, arm lift (brachioplasty), arm liposuction or armpit surgery, abdominal plastic surgery, abdominoplasty, DIEP flap or other reconstructive surgery, mummy makeover, liposuction of arms, back, flanks and surgeries of hernia.


  • This garment is also recommended as part of post-pregnancy compression therapy to help shrink the post-partum belly. Return of the prenatal position of the abdominal muscle and reduction of scars.
  • The breasts of the vest are molded with flat vertical seams to prevent irritation in the breast area.
  • Sleeves are finished with a soft edge that prevents curling.
  • The garment is reinforced in the abdomen area with double-lined fabric for optimal compression in key areas.
  • The zipper is placed on the front of the garment.
  • There is a zipper closure at the bottom of the front with support hooks to facilitate dressing placement postoperatively and beyond.
  • It has a hygienic opening with three rows of hooks and adjustable eyelets in the groin for greater comfort throughout the day and easy use of the bathroom; the underwear itself can be worn outside the garment.