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Chicco Bomba Tira-Leite Manual NaturalFeeling
Chicco Bomba Tira-Leite Manual NaturalFeeling

Chicco NaturalFeeling Manual Breast Pump

Ideal for expressing milk effectively and gently.

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Chicco NaturalFeeling Manual Breast Pump: comfort, effectiveness and smoothness.


  • An excellent help to prolong the breastfeeding period as much as possible, ensuring all effectiveness, comfort, delicacy and practicality.
  • For mothers who produce a lot of milk, to reduce the breast after the milk has risen and help the baby to get the handle.
  • Effective and delicate extraction: the innovative Chicco System guarantees a constant and natural milk flow, making extraction of milk extremely easy, effective and fast.
  • Softness on the skin: the bell, in extra soft silicone, completely and delicately envelops the breast, ensuring that the most external mammary glands are stimulated.
  • The bell adheres perfectly and adapts to all the physiologies of breasts.
  • Maximum comfort: the ergonomic handle ensures that extraction is done effortlessly, efficiently and comfortably.
  • Compatible: With NaturalFeeling bottles and Well-Being bottles.
  • Double use: Allows you to store the milk using the included lid or directly feed the baby using the NaturalFeeling teat also included.
  • 0% without BPA.

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