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Medela Protectores de Mamilos 2 unidades
Medela Protectores de Mamilos 2 unidades

Medela Nipple Protectors 2 units

They protect sore or cracked nipples against rubbing before and after breastfeeding.

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Nipple protectors protect sore or cracked nipples from rubbing before and after breastfeeding, giving sensitive breast tissue time to heal.

The soft and flexible silicone membrane provides a comfortable feeling on the skin and adapts to your chest.

The opening position of the nipple protector is directly above the nipple.

Medela Nipple Protectors ensure maximum comfort. Their anatomical shape and the flexible and soft silicone membrane for the skin make them invisible and pleasant to use.

The small ventilation holes in the upper part of the shell allow air to circulate, prevent the formation of moisture and help healing.

Nipple Protectors help prevent inflammation of the nipple (caused by the incorrect position of the baby's mouth). They absorb the milk that comes out between feedings.

Protectors can be used between breastfeeding periods. If the inflammation persists, consult your doctor. Avoid using it at night so as not to cause painful injuries.

How to use:

Lift the silicone membrane around the shell. Then, place the Nipple Protector on your bra so that the opening of the silicone membrane fits exactly to the nipple. The ventilation holes on the shell must face upwards. The use of a breastfeeding bra is recommended as it allows a better accommodation of the Nipple Protector.

Attention: Do not feed the baby with the milk accumulated in the nipple protector.