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Hansaplast Hand Mix Plaster 20 Units

Packaging with a mix of flexible and waterproof dressings in different shapes and materials to adapt to needs.

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Hansaplast Hand Mix Hansaplast they help to protect minor wounds and prevent possible infections.


  • Bandages made of flexible material.
  • block 99% of bacteria.
  • Breathable and sterilized.
  • Pack with an assortment of dressings for use on different areas of the hands and fingers.
  • Elastic Finger Dressings are extra-flexible, extra-long pads that wrap twice around the finger.
  • Universal dressings are dressings that repel water and dirt.
  • Elastic dressings are dressings with an extra flexible material.
  • Aqua Protect dressings are 100 dressings% waterproof.
  • Elastic Joint Dressings are ideal joint dressings.
  • 4 pcs pads for fingers: 120mm x 19mm.
  • 8 units universal dressings: 72mm x 19mm.
  • 2 units of elastic bandages: 72mm x 22mm.
  • 4 pcs aqua protect pads: 65mm x 25mm.
  • 2 pcs pads for finger joints: 50mm x 44mm.