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Verrumal 100mg/ml+5mg/ml Cutaneous Solution 13ml

Non-prescription drug indicated in the treatment of warts.

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Verrumal 100mg/ml+5mg/ml Cutaneous Solution is indicated for the treatment of common warts, juvenile flat warts, plantar warts and seborrheic warts.

Active substance : 100mg of salicylic acid and 5mg of fluorouracil.

Dosage and method of administration:

On average, 2 or 3 daily applications of 1 drop are recommended on the wart. If the warts are located in places where the epidermis is particularly thin, the frequency of applications should be reduced and the result of the treatment should be monitored more regularly. Treatment will need to be continued until the wart is gone, which may take a relatively long period of time. The average treatment time is 6 weeks. If symptoms persist after 6 weeks, the patient should consult their doctor. In case of burning sensation/severe burning, treatment should be discontinued. Verrumal should not be used in children, except on medical advice. The application should be made directly on the top of the wart, taking care that the medicine is only confined to the wart area (it is advisable to drain the excess solution from the brush). The application must be made exclusively on the wart and not on the neighboring skin, which, if necessary, can be covered with a fat cream. Before the next application, wash the area where it was applied with very hot water, and gently remove the top layer of the wart with the aid of a pumice stone or skin file. When dealing with small warts, the solution can be applied with a wooden stick for greater accuracy. A dressing should be applied to increase penetration of the drug into the wart. Before each application of the drug, the residual film of drug must be removed, simply moving it from the wart, in case it has not already been eliminated with washing or other mechanical action. During treatment, avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which, it should not be forgotten, exists in sunlight.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. Verrumal should not be used in conjunction with brivudine, sorivudine and analogues. Brivudine, sorivudine and analogues are potent inhibitors of the fluorouracil-degrading enzyme dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) (see also section 4.5). Verrumal should not be used by people with impaired kidney function. It should not be used during pregnancy, lactation or in infants (under 1 year of age). Verrumal should not be applied to large areas of the skin (areas greater than 25 cm2), areas with lesions or wounds, nor should it come into contact with the eyes or mucous membranes.

If in doubt or if symptoms persist, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

In accordance with current legislation, non-prescription medicines in Portugal can only be delivered to the municipalities of Maia, Gondomar, Matosinhos, Porto, Santo Tirso, Trofa, Valongo and Vila do Conde. This limitation does not apply to shipments to other Member States of the European Union.