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Aptima Liverade 1L

Aptima Liverade 1L

Hepatoprotective supplement that promotes the health and healthy functioning of the liver.

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Aptima Liverade is a hepatoprotective supplement that optimizes the functioning of liver tissue in stressful situations, during the recovery period after surgery or illness, in cases of intoxication and situations caused by nutritional imbalances.


  • Contains choline, methionine, sorbitol, vitamin B3, B12 and E.
  • Supports liver function.
  • Contributes to an improvement in the use of energy and proteins.
  • Detoxification of chemical and metabolic residues.

Dosage and route of administration:

Shake before use. It can be administered mixed with food or by oral syringe. In an initial phase, for 5-7 days you should offer 30ml/100kg per day. For better initial acceptance, it is recommended to divide into 2 doses, morning and night. In a maintenance phase, offer 5ml/100kg per day. Daily measurements are based on an average 500kg adult horse.